World War I Bingo Review Activity


Do you students need help reviewing World War I for an upcoming assessment? Use this engaging Bingo game to help them review key people and concepts!

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Review World War I with your students by playing Bingo.

World War I Bingo includes the following World War 1 terms:
Gavrilo Princip, Franz Ferdinand, Schlieffen Plan, War of Attrition, Battle of the Marne, League of Nations, Battle of Tannenberg, Georges Clemenceau, Treaty of Versailles, David Lloyd George, Battle of Verdun, Western Front, Race to the Sea, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Zimmerman Telegram, Eastern Front, Woodrow Wilson, Ottoman Empire, Battle of the Somme, Lusitania, Triple Alliance, Alsace-Lorraine, stalemate, Triple Entente

*Teacher Instructions (3 pages)
*30 different Bingo boards (color and greyscale versions, PDF, Google Drive link, and PowerPoint version; not editable in Adobe, Slides, or PowerPoint), digital versions added May 2020
*Calling cards with terms and definitions (4 pages with terms and definitions, 4 pages with just terms, 1 optional backside graphic page), these still need to be printed out if you are using a digital version
*Optional Bingo Square Markers (1 page)
*Color and black and white versions included!


***This resource is included in the following larger bundles:***
* World War I (World War 1) Bundle
* U.S. History 1877 to Present Bundle
* U.S. History Mega Bundle: Exploration to Present
* Age of Discovery through Modern Times Bundle (World History)
* World History Mega Bundle


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