World War I PowerPoint for World History (trench warfare, Treaty of Versailles)


Need a World War I PowerPoint for your middle school World History class? This PowerPoint and guided notes set will make your life easier!

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This engaging 123 slide PowerPoint presentation covers World War I with a World History focus. It begins with the long term and immediate causes of World War One and ends with the surrender of the Central Powers and the peace settlements. 13 pages of visually appealing guided notes help students follow along with the presentation. Digital versions are also included to make your life easier!

This resource covers:
Hague Conferences
Long term causes of WWI (MAIN)
Immediate causes of WWI (assassination of Archduke Ferdinand)
Allied & Central Powers
Women in WWI
Schlieffen Plan
2 Front War
WWI Military Technology
Battle of Tannenberg
1st Battle of Ypres
Trench Warfare
2nd Battle of Ypres
British Blockade/Hunger Blockage
unrestricted submarine warfare
Sussex Pledge
Battle of Jutland
Battle of Verdun
Battle of the Somme
Eastern Front
Italian Front
Battle of Gallipoli
Arab Revolt
Armenian Genocide
Russian Revolution
U.S. Enters the War
Year of Crisis (1917),
Battle of Vimy Ridge
3rd Battle of Ypres
Battle of Belleau Woods
2nd Battle of the Marne
flu pandemic
collapse of Central Powers
Peace settlements

What’s included in the download:
*Editable PowerPoint presentation (123 slides, text is editable but the images are not)
*Google Slides presentation version (123 slides, text is editable but the images are not)
*PDF Guided Notes (13 pages, not editable)
*PDF Guided Notes key (13 pages, not editable)
*Editable Guided Notes (13 pages, created in PowerPoint without the fancy clip art and fonts)
*Fillable PDF Guided Notes (13 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable in Adobe)
*Google Slides Guided Notes (13 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable in Slides)


***This resource is included in the following larger bundles:***
* World War I (World War 1) Bundle
* U.S. History 1877 to Present Bundle
* U.S. History Mega Bundle: Exploration to Present
* Age of Discovery through Modern Times Bundle (World History)
* World History Mega Bundle

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