Renaissance and Reformation Bundle


This bundle of resources for teaching the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation will make your life a little easier!

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This Renaissance and Reformation Bundles includes PowerPoints and Guided Notes for the Renaissance and Reformation, Biography Pages for key figures of the Italian and Northern Renaissance and the Reformation, a Renaissance Crossword Puzzle and key, Reformation Doodle Notes, and a Reformation Map Activity.

Click on the following links to learn more about each included resource:
Renaissance PowerPoint and Guided Notes (includes digital version)
Renaissance Crossword Puzzle
Renaissance Doodle Notes (included digital version)
Renaissance Map (included digital version)
Biography Pages for the Renaissance (includes digital version)
Renaissance Beginning of Unit Doodle Page
Renaissance Spinner Review Game for PowerPoint
Protestant Reformation PowerPoint (includes digital version)
Protestant Reformation Map Activity
Biography Pages for the Protestant Reformation (includes digital version)
Protestant Reformation Doodle Notes (included digital version)
Reformation Beginning of Unit Doodle Page

Please Note: The PowerPoint/Guided Notes and the Doodle Notes cover the same content. The difference is in how the information is presented to the students. This gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of your students now and in the future. For example, students in one class might do better with the Doodle Notes while in another class, the PowerPoint/Guided Notes works better. You can also use part of the PowerPoint/Guided Notes and then switch to the Doodle Notes or vice versa. If you don’t want a bundle that gives you this flexibility by including both the PowerPoint/Guided Notes and the Doodle Notes, buying the individual pieces that you want to use with your students may be a better fit for you 🙂

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