Renaissance Beginning of Unit Coloring and Doodle Page for Student Notebooks


Use this coloring and doodle page to introduce or review the Italian and Northern Renaissance to your middle school students.

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Looking for a new way to introduce your Renaissance unit?

This coloring and doodle introduction page help students:
(1) organize the unit in their notebooks
(2) get ready for a new unit
(3) remember the content in the unit as the year progresses

This unit pack contains one page to introduce your students to the Renaissance. The visual and text cues on each page were thoughtfully designed to help students make connections so they can easily remember what they learned in previous units by looking over the pages they created. The blank spaces on each page lets students add dates, key people, vocab words, key events, and doodles to make their pages more unique and helpful as the school year progresses.

After students create their page, they can add it to their notebooks as the first page of their new unit.

What’s included in the download:
1 Beginning of the Unit Coloring and Doodle Page for the Renaissance (1 total page, uneditable PDF)

*Note: this download does not include digital versions

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