Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Map Activity


Use this no-prep map activity to help your middle school social studies students understand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

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This activity will help students better understand the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Students will label and color a map and then answer a few questions. It’s a great way to incorporate geography lesson.

What’s included with the print version:
*Map for students to label, color, and answer questions (1 page, not editable)
*Map for students to label and color (1 page, not editable)
*Map for students to color (1 page, not editable)
*Map Key (1 page, not editable)
*Animated PowerPoint shows each location and is perfect for classrooms without textbooks or Internet access (1 slide, not editable)
*Informational handout expands on information on the map and can be used to help students answer the map questions if you do not have a textbook or Internet access (1 page, not editable)

What’s included with the Digital Versions:
*Map for students to label (students will drag labels to the correct spot on the map; PowerPoint & Google Slides versions; not editable)
*Info Sheet and Questions for students to answer (students will type their answers into text boxes; PowerPoint, Google Slides, Google Form, and Fillable PDF versions; not editable)
*Online Map lets students test their knowledge of location (internet connection is required to access, works on all browsers and with all devices, no account and no logins required, self-checking)

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