U.S. History 1877-Present (American 2) Map Activities Bundle


If you teach U.S. History from 1877, you’ll love having these no-prep, print and digital American History maps to use for your units!

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This bundle contains all of my map activities for American 2. Each set has a contains different versions to help meet the needs of all of your students and PowerPoints to help guide students through completing the map. It is not a complete bundle. As I create more maps for American 2, I will add to this bundle and the price will increase.

What’s Included with the Printed Versions of the map activities:
*Blank map for students to label (uneditable PDF)
*Coloring Page version for students to just color (uneditable pdf)
*Answer key (uneditable pdf)
*Animated PowerPoint shows each location and the key – perfect for classrooms without textbooks or Internet access (each slide guides students through completing the map, some text is editable but images are not)

What’s included with the Digital Versions:
*Blank map for students to label (students will drag labels to the correct spot on the map; PowerPoint & Google Slides versions; not editable)
*Online Map lets students test their knowledge of map locations (internet connection is required to access, works on all browsers and with all devices, no account and no logins required, self-checking)

***These map activities are included in the following larger unit bundles:
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