Cold War Timeline Printable for Bulletin Boards and History Classrooms


Use this printable timeline set to create a visual display of key events during the Cold War to help your students better understand the time period.

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This timeline contains 27 Cold War events beginning with the iron curtain descending across Europe. It continues through the Korean War, the launching of Sputnik, the building of the Berlin Wall, covers the collapse of the Soviet Union, and much more. Use these 27 pages of Cold War events to create a timeline for your bulletin board or classroom.

These printables are sized for 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

***This resource is included in the following large unit bundles:***
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*U.S. History Timelines Bundle
*American 2 Bundle (1877-Present)
*U.S. History Mega Bundle: Exploration to Present* Cold War Bundle for U.S. & World History
* Age of Discovery through Modern Times Bundle
*World History Mega Bundle



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