US History to 1877 Doodle Notes and Digital Guided Notes Bundle


Engage your U.S. History students with these no-prep Doodle Notes for American History through 1877. Students love how fun they are to use and teachers love how easy they are to use!
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This bundle includes all of my U.S. History doodle notes from colonization through Reconstruction. Each set is available for individual purchase.

The doodle notes sets included in the bundle are (click on each set to learn more about them):
13 Colonies Doodle Notes Bundle
French and Indian War Doodle Notes
American Revolution: Road to Revolution Doodle Notes
American Revolution Doodle Notes
Constitution Doodle Notes
War of 1812 Doodle Notes
Era of Good Feelings Doodle Notes
Trail of Tears Doodle Notes
Era of the Common Man and Andrew Jackson Doodle Notes
Reform Movements 1820-1860 Doodle Notes
The Long Walk of the Navajo
Manifest Destiny Doodle Notes
Oregon Trail Doodle Notes
Texas War for Independence and the Mexican American War Doodle Notes
California Gold Rush Graphic Notes
Civil War Doodle Notes
Reconstruction Doodle Notes
Transcontinental Railroad

***This doodle notes bundle is included in the following larger bundles:***
* U.S. History to 1877 Bundle
* U.S. History Mega Bundle

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