September: Editable Bell Ringers for Social Studies and History Classes


Use these September bell ringers with your middle school social studies students to get them on task when they sit down at their desks.

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Need a Bell Ringer to grab your students’ attention when they walk into class? My On This Day in History Bell Ringer for the month of September does exactly that! Once students get in their seats, they’ll use their print (pdf) or digital (Google Slides) handout to answer a general question or write down the events before you go over what happened today in history and then transition to the day’s lesson. This flexible pack includes 3 events for each day in September and the handout options are designed so you can use it year after year. Want to add a different event? You can! The years and events are editable. Plus, an editable version of the handout is included if you want to create your own questions!

What’s Included in the Download:
*Slides Presentation with 3 events for each day of September (30 Slides, PowerPoint & Google Slides versions with editable years and events)
*Student Handout with General Questions (5 pages with a total of 5 questions, uneditable PDF)
*Student Handout with no Questions (1 page, 2 options, uneditable PDF)
*Editable Student Handout (1 page, editable PowerPoint & Google Slides Versions)

Please Note: The design of the slides is not editable. Only the years and the events are editable.

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