Presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson & Madison PowerPoint & Guided Notes


This no-prep PowerPoint and Guided Notes set makes teaching the presidencies of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison to your students a breeze!
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This 85 slide PowerPoint presentation on a New Republic covers the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison including the following topics:
– Washington’s creation of a cabinet
– the first cabinet
– Judiciary Act of 1789
– Hamilton’s Financial Program
– French Revolution, Citizen Genet, Proclamation of Neutrality
– Jay Treaty
– Pinckney Treaty
– Whiskey Rebellion
– Washington’s 2 term precedent and Farewell Address
– Election of 1796
– Alien & Sedition Acts
– XYZ Affair
– Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions
– Revolution of 1800
– Louisiana Purchase & Lewis and Clark
– Election of 1804
– Aaron Burr
– Barbary Pirates
– Napoleonic Wars
– Chesapeake- Leopard Affair
– Embargo Act
– Election of 1808
– Non-intercourse Act & Macon’s Bill No. 2
– War of 1812

What’s included in the download:
*Editable PowerPoint presentation (85 slides, text is all editable, some graphics are not editable)
*Google Slides version of PowerPoint (85 Slides; text is all editable, some graphics are not editable)
*PDF Guided Notes (10 pages, not editable)
*PDF Guided Notes key (10 pages, not editable)
*Fillable PDF version of Guided Notes (10 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable in Adobe)
*Google Slides version of Guided Notes (10 slides, students type into text boxes, not editable in Slides)
*Editable Guided Notes (10 pages, created in PowerPoint without the fancy clip art and fonts)

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