Mesopotamia Bundle


If you teach Mesopotamia to middle school students, you are going to want this bundle of Doodle Notes and map activities!

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This bundle includes all of my Mesopotamia Doodle Notes, map activities and my best selling Hammurabi’s Code activity.

This bundle includes the following resources:
Mesopotamia Doodle Notes Set 1 for the Fertile Crescent and Sumer
Mesopotamia Doodle Notes Set 2 for Akkad, Babylon, Hittites, Phoenicia, Assyria
Mesopotamia Doodle Notes Set 3 for Neo Babylon, Lydia, and Persia
Hammurabi’s Code Activity
Mesopotamia Map Activity
Empires of Mesopotamia Map Activity
Mesopotamia Beginning of Unit Coloring and Doodle Page for Student Notebooks

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