Maya Tic Tac Toe PowerPoint Review Game


Use this engaging and no-prep PowerPoint tic tac toe game to review the Maya with your middle school students to wrap up your unit.

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Students will review what they know about the Maya by playing 3 Tic Tac Toe review games. In this interactive PowerPoint game, students take turns choosing one of 9 squares to reveal a question. If students answer the questions correctly, they can claim the square with either X or O. The first to get three in a row – across, up and down or diagonal wins the game. Then, they can choose to play 2 more games. Each game includes 9 review questions about the Maya for a total of 27 review questions. This game will keep students engaged as they review what they’ve learned about in their unit.

*Check out the preview to view the review questions*

What’s included with the download:
*Teacher Notes (3 pages, pdf)
*Tic Tac Toe Review Game (PowerPoint Show – this is a SHOW and it is NOT an editable PowerPoint and it is NOT compatible with Google Slides)

*This activity only works with PowerPoint and will not work in Google Slides so you will need the PowerPoint app to play it on Chromebooks
*This activity is NOT editable

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