Financial Literacy Unit: Things Students Should Know Before They Graduate


Do you want to incorporate a lesson about financial literacy into your class? This ready-to-go lesson will help your students learn basic financial skills.

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This lesson covers a variety of topics including giving students a reality check about how much it costs to live on their own, credit card debt, car and student loans, creating a budget, how to write a check, how banks work, compounding interest and the Rule of 72. This mini-unit fits in well with a Civics or Economics class. It also makes a great end of year unit for seniors. The lesson does requires internet access. (13 pages; uneditable PDFs)

After students complete the lesson, they complete a spending and earning journal to help them track what they spend and earn. (5 pages, uneditable PDFs)

Color and grayscale versions are included as is an answer key for the lesson.

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