World War II (World War 2) Timeline Activity


This timeline activity helps students learn key dates of the events leading up to and during World War II.
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This resource includes 2 World War II timeline activities!

The Path to World War II Timeline Hunt includes 16 events beginning with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 through the declaration of war against Germany by Great Britain and France in 1939.

The World War II Timeline Hunt picks up with the signing of the Soviet-Nazi Pact in 1939 and goes through V-J Day in 1945 for a total of 42 events.

Your Students Will Love This!
In these World War II activities, the teacher scatters and hides the 16 or 42 event cards around the room. Students use QR readers to find the dates of the events and record the information on a handout. Then, students place the events in the correct chronological order on a timeline. Last, classes or groups compete to see who can put the World War II events in the correct order the fastest! Students will have tons of fun while learning about important events that occurred during World War II.

No QR readers? No problem! A non-QR version is also included!

Note: The QR codes were designed for students to use a QR code reader app to reveal the event’s date. If students do not have a QR code reader app, they may use the camera on their device. However, the camera reads the QR code differently. It assumes they want an Internet search for the date (there is no way to control what sites the device pulls into the search). So, if students want to use their camera, they will need to first put their device in airplane mode or turn off the WiFi connection.

What’s included:
-Clear teacher instructions (3 pages)
-Share links for student handout and timeline and directions for using them in Google Drive (8 pages)
*you will still need to print the timeline cards to scatter in your room for the hunt even if you are using the Google Drive version
-Color and Greyscale versions with QR codes sized 8.5 x 11 inches (Path to War – 16 pages, WW II – 42 pages)
-Color and Greyscale versions with no QR codes sized 8.5 x 11 inches (Path to War – 32 pages, WW II – 84 pages)
-No QR Code version with 4 events per 8.5 x 11 inch page (Path to War – 8 pages, WWII – 22 pages pages)
-QR Code version with 4 events per 8.5 x 11 inch page (Path to War – 4 pages, WWII – 11 pages)
-Student handout and key (4 pages)
-Fillable PDF student handout for students to complete digitally (2 pages)
-Timeline for student to complete and key (4 pages)
-Fillable PDF timeline for students to complete digitally (2 pages)

Questions? Check out the FAQs.

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