The Executive Branch PowerPoint and Guided Notes (Print and Digital)


Need a PowerPoint for the Executive Branch? This no-prep Set includes a PowerPoint and fill in the blank notes for your students!

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Does the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election have your students more interested in the President and the Executive Branch? Or are you looking for a ready-to-go lesson with a PowerPoint and students notes for your Civics or Government class? I’ve got you covered!

This 89 slide PowerPoint presentation on the United States’ Executive Branch covers a myriad of topics including:
– Written and Unwritten Presidential Qualifications
– Electing the President (including Electoral College, 12th and 20th Amendments)
– President term of office (including 22nd Amendment)
– Salary and benefits of President
– Roles and Powers of the President (including Chief Executive, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief Diplomat, Chief of State, Party Leader, Executive Orders, Executive Agreements, Executive Privilege)
– Limits to Presidential Power (including War Powers Act, U.S. v. Nixon)
– Roles of First Lady
– Roles of the Vice President
– Salary and benefits of Vice President
– Presidential Succession (including 1947 Presidential Succession Act, 25th Amendment)
– Federal Bureaucracy
– Cabinet
– 15 Executive Departments (State, Treasury, Defense, Interior, Justice, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security)
– Presidential Commissions
– Independent Agencies (including General Services Administration, Office of Personnel Management)
– Regulatory Commissions and Agencies
– Civil Service System
– Government Corporations
– The Executive Office
– Council of Economic Advisors
– Office of Management and Budge
– National Security Council

What’s included in the download:
*Editable PowerPoint presentation (77 slides; text is all editable, some graphics are not editable)
*Google Slides version of PowerPoint (77 Slides)
*PDF Guided Notes (10 pages, not editable)
*Fillable PDF version of Guided Notes (10 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable in Adobe)
*Google Slides version of Guided Notes (10 slides, students type into text boxes, not editable in Slides)
*PDF Guided Notes key (10 pages, not editable)
*Editable Guided Notes (10 pages, created in PowerPoint without the fancy clip art and fonts)

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