Ancient India Bingo Review Game (Harappa, Vedic Age, Mauryan & Gupta Empires)


Do you need a way for your students to review key concepts from your unit on Ancient India? This print and digital Bingo game works great!

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This Bingo game reviews concepts from Ancient India to help students prepare for a unit test, midterm or final. It’s a great way to engage students as they review the 24 terms included in the activity: Siddhartha Gautama, Himalayas, Buddhism, Hinduism, Monsoons, Harappa, Indo-Aryans, Sanskrit, Rajah, Moksha, Brahmins, Chandragupta Maurya, Nirvana, Reincarnation, Dalit or Untouchable, Vedic Age, Rock Edicts, Ashoka, Mauryan, Vedas, Indus River, Gupta, Eightfold Path, Pictograms. Print and digital versions are both included as are color and black and white versions.

What’s in the download:
*30 different Bingo boards (color and greyscale versions, PDF, Google Drive link, and PowerPoint version; not editable in Adobe, Slides, or PowerPoint)
*Calling cards with terms and definitions (these still need to be printed out if you are using a digital version)
*Optional Bingo square markers
*Color and black and white versions included!

***This game is included in the following bundles: Ancient India Bundle, Ancient World Mega Bundle Set #1, and World History Mega Bundle***

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