1920s PowerPoint and Guided Notes on Prohibition, the Roaring ’20s, and more!


Looking for a no-prep way to cover the roaring ’20s, prohibition, and more? This PowerPoint and fill in the blanks student notes set is just what you need!

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Are you stressing over teaching the Roaring Twenties to your middle or high school students? No need to create your own 1920s PowerPoint and guided notes, I’ve done the work for you! Take the prep work off of your plate with this ready-to-go 81 slide PowerPoint and guided notes set covers the decade from 1920-1929. Print and digital versions are both included to give you the flexibility to meet the needs of your students.

As you cover the topics included in the PowerPoint, students will follow along by filling in the engaging guided notes. The completed guided notes help students review and prepare for tests.

This 81 slide PowerPoint presentation on the Roaring ’20s includes the following topics:
-Prohibition (18th Amendment and Volstead Act)
-Election of 1920
-Presidency of Warren G. Harding (Teapot Dome and other scandals and his death)
-Election of 1924
-Presidency of Calvin Coolidge
-Booming economy (and what wasn’t booming)
-Nativism (Red Scare, Palmer Raids, Sacco and Vanzetti, resurgence of Ku Klux Klan)
-Women in the 1920s
-Scopes “Monkey” Trial
-Literature of the Lost Generation
-Great Migration
-Harlem Renaissance
-Foreign Policy after World War I (Washington Naval Treaty/5 Power Treaty, Four Power Treaty, Nine Power Treaty, Kellogg-Briand Pact, Dawes Plan)
-Election of 1928
-Stock Market Crash (including causes and effects)

What’s included in the download:
*Editable PowerPoint presentation (81 slides, text is editable but the images are not)
*Google Slides presentation version (81 slides, text is editable but the images are not)
*PDF Guided Notes (9 pages, not editable)
*Fillable Guided Notes version (9 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable)
*Google Slides Guided Notes version (9 pages, students type into text boxes, not editable)
*PDF Guided Notes key (9 pages, not editable)
*Editable Guided Notes (9 pages, created in PowerPoint without the fancy clip art and fonts)

Just download and you’re ready to go! The editable PowerPoint and editable guided notes version means you can customize the lesson to better fit your state standards to to better meet the needs of your students.

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* U.S. History Mega Bundle: Exploration to Present

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