13 Colonies Bingo (Print and Digital)


This 13 Colonies Bingo game reviews key concepts and helps students prepare for a unit test.
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Review concepts from the colonization of the 13 colonies with Bingo. Want to use it during Distance Learning? Use it during a video meeting!

Terms included: Puritans, Mayflower Compact, Mayflower, Quakers, John Winthrop, Jamestown, Roger Williams, mercantilism, Delaware, New York, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Duke of York, Roanoke, tobacco, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, Toleration Act of 1649, and Spain.

*30 different Bingo boards (color and greyscale versions, PDF, Google Drive link, and PowerPoint version; not editable in Adobe, Slides, or PowerPoint), digital versions added May 2020
*Calling cards with terms and definitions (these still need to be printed out if you are using a digital version)
*Optional Bingo Square Markers
*Color and black and white versions included!

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